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Dongguan Cola outdoor products Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Cola Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the series of

electric air pump tools.

Products in the range of small pressure air pump to big high pressure air

pumps .

We sales steam has over+ 12 years export experience, customers served from the beginning of

some outdoor camping sports brands to retail large supermarkets ,we know how to choose a right product quickly

for customers from different countires or regions, according to rich export

experience .

Just tell us what are you looking for ,R &D ,our most important marketing

assistance department from the initial appearance structure design ,to a hand

sample ,mold stage control until to a complete prouct ,we know what to focus

on first and develop new products fastly.

We perform research and development tasks, looking for new products or

services that fit within customer demand to maintain a larger competitive


We hope to establish a mutually beneficial and pleasant relationship with

customers through the carrier of "products" step by step to input the best

products to the market and bring the best user experience to the end

consumers,that's Cola came from .